Jumat, 12 Desember 2008


Reminder of Death
By Shaykh Ali Hasan al- Halabi
Ibrahim Ibn Adham said:

"You know Allah, yet you do not obey Him, You recite Quran, yet you do not act according to it, You know Shaytaan, yet you continue agreeing with him, You claim to love the Messenger(SAAW) , yet you abandon his Sunnah, You claim to love Paradise, yet you do not work for it,You claim to fear the fire, yet you do not stop sinning, You say indeed death is true, yet you have not prepared for it, You busy yourselves with the faults of others, yet you do not look at your own faults, You eat the sustenance that Allah provides for you, yet you are not grateful to Him, And you bury your dead, yet you do not heed its lesson!"

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