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Police charged Objective signed Antasari Case
The police are expected to be objective in handling the murder case of the Director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran (PRB) Nasruddin Zulkarnaen, allegedly involving the Chairman of the KPK non-active, Antasari Azhar.

Investigations and investigations of these cases is also not expected to disrupt the work KPK institutions. "We are very concerned and very surprised. But any way, the law must still be running. Police must be objective in the investigations and of investigation," said member of the Law Commission (Commission III) DPR to Lukman Hakim Saifuddin Kompas.com, Saturday (2 / 5 ).

He also reminded not to judgment against Antasari, before the official concerned to provide information to the police.

The plan, Antasari akan meet to call the police to give testimony on Monday next week. "Let's give it enough time on law enforcement, until finally known what connection Antasari and that case. If proven correct (involved), then get the appropriate sanctions law," he said.

Antasari on deactivation as the Chairman of KPK, Lukman confess to still study on the basis of legal action. As known, the meeting KPK leaders have decided to disable Antasari that former officials in the Kejagung can concentrate complete problem.

Based on the information presented of the attorney general, Antasari has been defined as a suspect in the murder case because his role as intellectual or dader brain behind the murder was planned.

House Chairman Pemberantasan Corruption Commission (KPK) Antasari Azhar, located in the Mount Road Marbabu Blok A 13 No 2 Giri Loka, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang City, kept the strict local police officers.

Journalists from various mass media, both print and electronic, that have been waiting a long time-limits by satpam guard the entrance of the complex so that the "journalist" is forced to wait outside the complex.

Number of satpam assigned complex is added to keep out of three people to 25 people. However, the satpam eventually invite reporters to a house at around 21:20 Antasari WIB with the first record the identity and leave the identity card.

Hidayat: Do not Politisasi Antasari Case!
"I think right KPK leaders do deactivation quickly. It is more appropriate if the President followed up according to the Law on KPK,"

Determining the suspects had political
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - power law Antasari Azhar, Ari Yusuf Amir, rate determination of the suspect client loaded with political freight. Ari is the delivery status of regret made by the suspect of the attorney general on the Friday. In fact, explicitly said to him that Antasari Chairman Pemberantasan Corruption Commission (KPK) is not taking off in the case of the Director of PT Rajawali Banjaran Putra, Nasrudin Zulkarnaen.

"What have the authority to do the investigation and determination of status is the police. Therefore, sesalkan why we have other parties who announced," said Ari when Kompas.com found in Jakarta, Saturday (2 / 5).

According to Joseph Arie, Antasari really know the deceased Nasrudin and Sigid Haryo Wibisono, but does not himself know how to connect with Antasari case is the murder.
Menyoal an SMS message containing the threat of Antasari that claimed by the victim, Ari said, it must be proved.
"What right have the SMS, and whether it's correct Antasari. During this time, I just said-she said. Later, if already established, only we can talk," he said.
Arie add also, the remains will undergo the process of investigation. "No nothing, just because we follow the legal process has been so," he said.

KOMPAS.com - Outbound in Gunung Mas, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, Friday (3 / 4) and is likely to last between memories of the journalists with the Chairman of the Pemberantasan Corruption Commission (KPK), Antasari Azhar. At that time, so familiar Antasari Azhar chatting with journalists who covered the day-to-day in the KPK. In fact, he sang and berduet with one of the journalists from the National Journal, Okky.

When berduet with Okky, he sing a song titled "Do not have a lie in Between Us." Although Okky vote "very good" when berduet with Antasari, colleagues and journalists KPK leaders and employees who reside in these locations was laughing.

After singing, he began to seriously talk about how coverage of the institution that dipimpinnya. At that time, many fellow journalists disappointed, hearing decision. However, it is indeed to be agreed upon and are not allowed. KPK is a decision that one door. Although reporters and disputed the decision to refuse, but still useless. This is because the leaders did not want to give information or confirmed by the journalist.

"I want every communication in the KPK through a door that is me or KPK spokesman (Johan Budi, red). Not a leader should not be through the other, but I worry that there are different statements of the leaders and leaders of the other, of course it will make people become distracted, "said Antasari that time. According to him, if Johan Budi not be able to give information, on the recommendation of or from Johan Budi then the journalist can ask for information or confirmation with the other leaders of the KPK.

Some things are also discussed in the meeting. One is the announcement of a new suspect cases of alleged corruption in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (Depnakertrans). Although there is a new suspect, but still refused Antasari Azhar announced the name. He will let his name, on Monday (6 / 4). In addition, he also had to ask the journalists what the difference between the witnesses, suspects and terpidana. Antasari appoint Vika, journalists from the Online Law for it. Grateful, Vika said the question can properly and correctly, so that journalists are not embarrassed with the Chairperson.

After the interview, he sat in the back seat to join the journalists. There seemed to have the distance between the birth of male graduates of the University of Sriwijaya journalists that night. He tells of how the KPK to handle a number of cases of corruption. In addition, he also gave some advice to journalists who talk to her, especially about the problems of life. Antasari also menyempatkan themselves to recognize that while the journalist was not known by it too. So, the atmosphere seemed to have night full of familiarity. However, not a journalist if his name does not dive while minumair.

The atmosphere is still used to get the news as much as possible and gain valuable knowledge. However, the night passed quickly and when the time of midnight, Antasari also farewell. He said that must be immediately returned to Jakarta because there is something very important. "Not if I go home means that you grieve, I wish this atmosphere of other times we can reset again. Here, sit together and share stories with friends-friends. I am here not as Chairman of the KPK, but as friends who want to foreverglo friend," Antasari said.

Before leaving the outbound location, in the event the night is benign, also had Antasari foreverglo to journalist. Curhatnya a little more about the work so heavy as the Chairman of the KPK. However, he ask the journalist not to write it into the news, but stored in the liver and provide solutions. "This is off the record, I do not I have written, I want to be friends not just search for news on the KPK, but can be a friend and sharring with us," he said.

Not be presumed lapse of three weeks later, the journalists hear that the birth of Men Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung this allegedly involved in murder cases the Director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran, Nasrudin Zulkarnaen. Network Persda send a message to her was on Saturday (2 / 5) afternoon. He also sends a message to colleagues reporters the usual coverage on KPK Persda through the contents to thank colleagues and I pray Allah SWT is the best show for us and the country.

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