Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

Eminency charity (POWER OF GIVING)

It is a pleasure given by Allah SWT to us all, so that we can read this paper with no obstruction of any kind. Hopefully over the presence of this paper brings the benefits for us all. Peace and prayers and wishes to remain PROVIDED that gives us an example where He is already proclaim to all people including you in this world so that it can differentiate between the rights and falsehood You want to discuss virtue charity? Both let's begin! "Do they not know THAT GOD received a request for pardon from His servants and received charity" (QS TAUBAH-AT-104) And in Al-Baqarah-276 Lord said: "GOD AND flysoul destroy fertile charity" In meal, with stealth is to prevent the wrath of God to avoid arrogant, self-styled I give the most people do not, so the Prophet SAW said: "charity by hiding (SO OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW) GOD DOES NOT MAKE angry and charity with undisguised IS AS CAT Fire You are right, my brother! That the property will not be reduced because of charity, even those who practice a regular meal was spent even growing .. why? correct because the person who will be grateful to receive charity and make a prayer request to give the charity, so that the true prophet SAW said: "means that the charity refused EXAMS and make increased AGE" You're getting the loss, pain, suffering and try to do the meal (without giving profit / reward without hope) you will be surprised with the result ..

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