Senin, 19 Januari 2009

sign kedutan eyes (Vibration)

Sometimes we berkedutan lid dut .. .. .. dut.Banyak the dut the kedutan in the eye if that means there are people I discuss self kita.Nah, in fact, according to the clippings I have saved since 1982, kedutan in sheath it means a lot of eyes, according to the location of the eye, left or right, and also waktunya.Bagi according to some people, things of this kind is tahyul. But if we talk that we are the body's energy is energy that is connected with the entire universe could be the energy in our bodies to receive signals from other energy frekwensinya same. In this study physics called resonance. When someone thought vibrant energy of our kitapun capture the energy and vibration that is translated in many forms. In this occasion I do gratitute vibration translated in kedutan the lid. JAM SISI MAKNA
05.00-07.00 Right will get untungKiri guests will be coming
07.00-09.00 Right will have kerugianKiri will receive guests from far away
09.00-11.00 Right Address baikKiri will not accept food / drink
11.00-13.00 Right to receive news that will receive less baikKiri exciting news Right
13.00-15.00 loss will be kecilKiri get hit
15.00-17.00 Right Dikenang reminded orangKiri No means
17.00-19.00 Right There will be a relative datangKiri the guests arrival
19.00-21.00 Right to receive nasihatKiri Dikenang reminded people
21.00-23.00 Right There will be glad to meet baikKiri less noble people

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