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Stories Multi Level Marketting (MLM)

as a lesson for so do not know know, I know so ngerti sdh, sdh ngerti so I understand and fully understand .. please share .... caw STORY 1 talk about the MLM business, a few months ago, my arrival former school friend, should not have said to the former friend, but that is another. Middle of the night, so mak bruk up at home, my phone rings (not kring .. kring ... sounds like a phone in the district, hehe ..) Apparently, the friend who is now living in other cities, the right to know I still awake until late (he might also read KoKi, which is shown through the middle of the night). However, to receive guests at that, of course another story. The friend said this, he must find me that night, it is important! Without explaining how important are willing to important business line. Be, key and lock the door broken fence house, eh know who get by by-the lumpia Semarang uenaak that. When this friend appear one hour later, Boro Boro take-by-by, ujug-ujug he issued a flash disk, asking me to open the laptop, and a few seconds later the screen muncullah all information, charts, and rush about the MLM business network digelutinya now. Deg mother, my heart said, "I Gile, I dikerjain." Short story, "presentation" that ended at 2 dinihari, and at the door of the car until he was still nyerocos convince me to join in the MLM business, with various iming-iming. I can only smile-smile wrinkled while mengeleng head-shake, all the words tercekat taste in the throat saking juengkel its (the cranky, mean). After the incident, some time later, I smile, smile to receive mail from readers KoKi, if not wrong Arzeti in Malaysia, said that if angannya got bounced when former kekasihnya called his mengajaknya meeting. Unfortunately, not a romantic memories didapatnya, as long as "dates" that the former are busy promoting its MLM business. Thus, encouraged people to have all things, and as much as possible the spirit of the more common and can be found everywhere. Multilevel marketing system MLM or any promises it. Various attractive bonus promised to the distributor. Not only consumer goods, motorcycles, luxury cars, home dressed up, or the commission of tens of million every month, but also pilgrimage, and to tour abroad. "Content pikirannya now only money, money, money, be rich, must be successful, must be successful. It may not have a wrong about that, but we can dikata life destroyed because of these views," Reaching material success is not one thing bad, just course, acapkali encouragement in this matter tends kebablasan, no longer know where the limit is, and people continue to do what in order to reach the standard size of dikehendakinya success. Philosophy of life: "Bigger is better, the more the better", many people are. Elaine St. James in Simplify Your Life, said, daily experience teaches, philosophy of life is not always true. The desire has always wanted more and more, as dihayati many people, that could increase the burden of inconvenience, stockpile various dissatisfaction, or add unnecessary fatigue. Including, the interference that is not fun, good for family, friends, and themselves. STORY 2
Before the same person is also what I call, even dateng to our contract, a Motor (plasticity of mahasiwanya) .. how he nunggu lamaa up, what do I suddenly. Dikerjain utmost temenku do. I can only laugh ketiwi-aja dikamar alone. Nah clearly kan, cooking would have to open a supermarket fuss ngajak others, which I know pulak, people I have invited pulak money, willing to nelp habis2in credit to the person who is not known pulak .. weird huh? Ketemuan in the contract? Halah, most are involved ujung2nya MLM. Banget discovered. I think this is a new mode of operandi, the victim usually unemployed, new students, but working people Pingin confused, and also a fellow swindler. Most are not, in general, such as supermarkets, but even I Stokist Center, a network operation center
Subtansinya this is so because it is too passionate to hear a call to come and discuss a business opportunity in that I really ranah middle berjibaku therein. I do not really wrong because it is a call for discussion at the beginning of the discussion that is the IT business that he ungkapkan. He is an acquaintance who introduced a new acquaintance at some length. Right adzan maghrib I have to echo the homeless Dharmala Sakti, selekas the maghrib prayer Mushola tiny but comfortable enough, sayapun rushing to the lobby. I really came unduly early, there is still time almost 1 hour from the time agreed to meet, 19:20. Deuh, not available in the lobby chairs in the cafes had numpang Excelso and forced more messages of Amazing Toraja. * which is amazing because it does not cost more than tasty coffee steamer stir sendiriMenjelang time he appears, courtesy chat a bit and then he says if kenalannya which he said would diskusiin business is already under the message. * Original not suspicious at all, the only prejudice to the So how many, there is money to pay the registration desk 10RB. Styled rooms and look for the presentation, in the heart sayapun laugh. * cni what Tianshi nih? I sit and remember what ever experienced mas Vishnu. MC to open a session, and someone who later introduced as Diamond Direct * I get a term? carries the presentation. Commenced with the jargon kang Robert quadrant of the quadrant and next-bla-bla-bla speech system, support for the business, independent business owner, points, and the business scale of bla-bla-bla as mlm in general. Until the end of the new business was stated that this is * Amway and Quixtar breathe and Network TwentyOne and bla-bla-bla should follow after the presentation took a kind of business seminars, and leadership seminars and bla-bla-bla. The already become one of the points in the resolution 2007, to afford more patient, then I try to see any good that can be said to be the blog. Among a range of presentations that were interesting enough to keep but I eneg, presented 6 steps to enter into this business, one of which is _buat_janji_ and on the points outlined in this appointment (the presentation) should not mention the beginning of Amway. Pantesan I stuck like this, it appears that this part of their doctrine. * sigh ... At the session for 10 minutes of rest, I leave home ahead farewell, not interested at all. Ok, now time sentence statement attitude. Somewhen since when, every time I hear the words mlm, then I direct eneg and this evening I get additional rationalization for the reaction with mlm. Exactly what was delivered mas Vishnu on the text link above me, a few people may not be successful with the mlm business, but for me mlm is _gak_gw_banget_. Many products that are introduced as a commodity, but I did not catch it more as a mask because we do not sell the product but more to the system and how the network and members (and a little deceptive dream-circumvention seasoned) continues to grow, whether or not the products sold. And after dicekricek, in fact quite old acquaintances who introduce new acquaintances that 'trap' in my presentation this evening Amway Amway is also a member. This mah syndicate, I mengistilahkannya as pencideraan values of friendship.
Aja know the origin of all people have the heart and the feelings of the heart,. I do not feel pain in line with expectations .......................................

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