Senin, 19 Januari 2009

The Success

How many times Arief Suryadi small trying to be stood down without so sour and so on until finally tired ....... successful! arief said his mother ... some stories revealed How much food we want, it's the same with how big we dare to take risks Succes is a process. It was achieved with the sacrifice. One of them, not sloppy with failure. Success, think of your daily life. Confidence can be successful, always built at any time. Therefore, do not let you lose your motivation for success, and continue to build confidence in the bosom. Dispose of all reason, you fail because of the weakness of yourself. Less intelligent, less fit, are too old, and a myriad number of "poor taste", is not why you fail. Success requires courage without stopping, learn the business slowdown. With each problem with the way other successful entrepreneurs in a similar business with you. In fact, you see that they failed, and find the answer to why he failed. Readiness of private entrepreneurs face a change, also dipermantap. Do not easy dikejutkan changes. Learn the success of others, himpun all "causes of success" is, find the excess-excess, and start trying to arrange what advantages you, what can ditelurkan the novelty of the process to compare with the efforts of others. One entrepreneur, who is always "awake" and "open ear" to every opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs, not simply "provision from the sky", but also read carefulness in work / capture opportunities. And this business requires a high stamina. Do not fear comes first, as if the entrepreneurs who never rest. No! Physical, needs to rest, but as entrepreneurs, thought "stay the road" in a sense, our daily dibiasakan continue to think, what the good-good that can be built on the opportunities that we face every time. No one can get pleasure out of life that continues to make slow-rangkak, who lives a half-half. Success means the only things that fascinate and positive. Success means personal prosperity: a good home, in the areas of financial security and opportunity ahead of the maximum, and useful for the community. Success also means getting honor, leadership, and the patriarch. Thus, success means that the self-respect, feel honored, continue to feel happier, and feel the satisfaction of their lives. That means, we succeeded in doing more things that are useful. In other words, success means winning. Unfortunately, globalization diera like this now, not all of the entrepreneur says, that we have reached kesuksesan.Menurut, as entrepreneurs, do not shrink from you declare: I this day a success. By doing so, the confidence that is awakened. Self-confidence is a big, stimulating to achieve success. Success and that, also need to be divided among businessman. Never so busy that successful entrepreneurs, in social life itself have requested time to help other entrepreneurs who have not been as successful as himself. Believe, in the spirit of a successful entrepreneur, there is confidence: God is great kekuatanNya encourage people, including the entrepreneurs, not for selfish. Because private pleased to see other people "only to fail," sejatinya are waiting for waves

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