Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Hate to its decay

Hate to its decay

A Mother Teacher kindergarten (TK) to create a "Games". Mother Teacher told each student to bring a transparent plastic bag of potatoes and 1 fruit. Each potato was given the name based on the name of the doghouse, so that the amount of potatoes is not specified how many ... depending on the number of people who doghouse.

On the agreed day each student bring in a plastic bag of potatoes. There are a number 2, there is even 3 is 15.
As the teachers they each potato appropriate name given the name of the doghouse. Students should bring a plastic bag containing potatoes are just where they go, even to the toilet though, for 1 week.

Day change the day, potato-potato rot was started, students began to complain, let alone bring 15 pieces of potatoes, in addition to its heavy odor is not tasty.

After 1 day kindergarten students are feeling relieved because
their suffering will end soon.

Mother Teacher: "How do I bring you potato-potato rot for 1 week?"

Complaint out of kindergarten students, and in general they do not have to feel comfortable bringing potato-potato is rotten wherever they go.

Teachers also explain what the meaning of "game" that they do.

Mother Teacher: "Such was the hatred we always take-take when we can not forgive others. They are not comfortable bringing rotten potatoes where we shall go. That's only 1 week. What if we bring a lifetime of hatred? Moreover, with 15 potatoes, Would not it convenient ... "

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